Back in the day

I’ve dug through the photo albums and found a few cool photos.

I can tell you it doesn’t look like this anymore. However the floors are original and you can see where the desks were nailed down.

I think this is the only one I have of the interior from when it was still a school building. Other than the floors, there isn’t much left inside that you would call original detail except for perhaps the large glass overhead lights. I wonder if Restoration Hardware will ever start a schoolhouse department?

The original hand pump is still here but no longer operational. Though it was used by us for many years for drinking water.

Not much is original on the outside either but at least it still maintains the general feel of a schoolhouse. It is red brick with a steep, tall roof that you can spot a kilometre down the road. And of course the pump, which is pretty rusty and lame looking but I hope to at least refurbish it a some point.
The property is fairly large. A good thing in the long run but a damnable haven of ill-tempered grass and weeds that vexes my every garden plot and attempt at landscaping. One day I will tame you my evil green-haired devil (shakes fist at ground).
In a couple of weeks the materfamilias and I are heading up to the property to plan out some gardening and figure out a better way to tame the beast. We’ll see how that goes as I search for perennials that don’t take over everything in order to combat a perennial that has taken over everything.

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