Any interest in Pinterest?

A little birdie told me about Pinterest not too long ago. It’s a website that acts like a bulletin board or a portfolio. Instead of clipping pictures and ideas out of magazines and sticking them on your wall (like we did with our Johnny Depp posters back in the day) you can “pin” images, pages etc. to a virtual pinboard to use later.

Here is my Pinterest site

This is takes up a lot less space than my binders and piles of papers. That’s what I’ve been doing (along with a lot of daydreaming) up until now.

My papers and binders are like that  Kurt Vonnegut short story in Welcome to the Monkey House. I think it is More Stately Mansions. Or Next Door?The woman collects so much material to decorate her shabby house that when her husband does the work to her exact specifications while she is away she enters the house not noticing the difference. Her fantasy was always there. Wow. Deep.

Thanks Erin (the little birdie) for that tip. She’s a collector both virtually and in reality but a great resource for innovative decorating ideas.

And, by the way Erin, do you have more pins than anyone else on the planet?


3 thoughts on “Any interest in Pinterest?

  1. I am obsessed with Pinterest! Spend the better part of my life on there! Still, there is nothing like going through an old notebook filled with inspiration.

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