This is why we only have a balcony in the city

I cleared up most of my little potted plants here at the condo this week.

It wasn’t much of a garden. I just put out a few herbs, (Mojito mint!) flowers, (nicer than concrete) some tomatoes (non-starter) and peppers (late bloomers). It’s not much to look at and sometimes tidying our balcony and weeding the plants is a total chore. Nothing mind you, in comparison to what lies ahead.

We are going up to the schoolhouse this coming weekend. Going to clean up the gardens and hopefully prep a new herb garden beside the house for the spring.

Perhaps on the way up we will make a stop at Richters Herbs in Goodwood (insert wood joke here).

Richters Herbs

Man does that place have everything under the sun. I have bought a lot there over the years. Multiple types of mint (including a Mojito-specific one), thyme, dozens of basils: you name it. I like to dry or freeze them to keep me going over the winter. But maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Before I do anything new we have to clean up the mess I am sure we will encounter when we get there.

Before the fun of gardening comes the pain of yard work. That acre doesn’t cut itself. Or rake itself. Or do anything itself but grow.

Some people stop by and joke that I should use a scythe to cut it. Then I tell them about the time I used a scythe to cut it.

We always have great intentions. We start out good in the spring but if you miss one weekend it all goes to Hell. This is how the yard looked after missing two cuttings in August.

It wasn't pretty. Grass, weeds and two different kind of vines were waiting for me. There is actually a white propane tank in there too.

I managed to clear most of it and reclaim the parts of the yard that had previously been controlled by a diabolical vine villain, plotting to take over the world. or at least my yard.

Of course now I’ve been busy in recent days so now the grass will be long and there will be weeds. Sweeping the balcony doesn’t seem so bad now.


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