My house in Rodentia

So we’ve been having a few visitors to the schoolhouse over the years that haven’t been the best of house guests. They leave their crap all over the place, you have to stash your valuables before they get there and you have to clean up after them constantly.

Yes the rodents (well mice, flies and moths) have taken over. So have flies and wasps for that matter. I don’t want to start making the mess of renovation projects if I also have to deal with them as well. At least human visitors might help with the work.

I’m arming myself with a few “deterrents” this year. I’m off to Lee Valley first to see what they can help me with in terms of flies and wasps. They get in the house in the fall and laze about in the sun until they die over the winter.

So far I’ve found these

Then come the mice. Traps are out because of the gross mess they leave. You can’t live trap if you aren’t there all the time. Once we accidentally left an old freezer open a crack and came up to find several stinky guys at the bottom. That was the end of them and the end of the freezer.

We’ve tried the high frequency plug-in things that are supposed to irritate them but they didn’t work. So its back to Warfarin. Neat, tidy and over with quickly. I don’t like to kill the mice but I’m done with cleaning out every drawer in the house every visit.

I only get poison in powder or blocks. The pellets are just fun for the mice to hide around the house and then you find them in the bottom of a box stashed for later. Not safe with pets around the house.

Sigh. Sometimes house guests just over stay their welcome.


5 thoughts on “My house in Rodentia

  1. You can also take a 5 gallon bucket fill it 1/3 full of anti-freeze. Drill a 1/2″ hole in the sides up by the top. Put a coat hanger through half way and take a pop can or old spice container (holes drilled in bottom and top) and put it on the coat hanger. Then put peanut butter on the pop can/spice container. Put a small board like a ramp up to the bucket. Mice jump in and fall into the anti-freeze (preservative) until you can empty out (lid for the bucket is nice to transport for disposal).

    • OMG! I was going to suggest something similar lol
      “Grandma Joyce” (grandma of the kids I was the weekend/cottage nanny for back in UNI), did exactly the same thing, but I think with water.
      She also encouraged the kids to fill Chippie holes with rocks, and was known to shove a garden hose down them too 😐
      Rip “Grandma Joyce”

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