The garden is closed

Screw you rain I gotta garden.

That was my philosophy this past weekend. I don’t rake in the fall but there were phlox to transplant before the frost and my mint and chives from my balcony garden had to go in before it was too late.

It rained like a cow pissing on a flat rock (when you are in the country you can use these kinds of quaint expressions). We (mum and I) did get a few hours reprieve on Saturday so we gav’er (another charming local parlance) and got the herbs in the start of a new bed.

Here is the mint and chives. It's mojitos and omelets for us next spring!

Of course much of what we transplanted looks like crap at this time of year but the phlox and black-eyed Susan and daisies will look good next year. We’ve moved them over to fill in some holes that have been created by that horrible life sucking ground cover we can’t get rid of. Damned dirty weed! (said in Heston-like fashion).

Yeah it doesn't look like much now but you just wait. Those pink and purple phlox will rock.

So now the garden is closed for another season. We had a good run guys and we will see you next spring. Stay warm and don’t listen to anything the squirrels have to say. They are lying bastards and they’ll take you down if they want to.

I want a repeat of this, next year.

Oh yeah and when we got there we discovered that indeed our party friends the mice had been and left their mark. Or rather thousands of tiny poopy marks. That’s the job for next time.


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