What to do with bachelor board?

Pat calls our wood panelling bachelor board.

That’s because just about every bachelor apartment he has encountered is smothered by that crappy veneer “wood” panels. It does sort of smack of small pay cheques, singlehood and despair doesn’t it? Or maybe a sleazy guy’s basement. Perhaps Calvin Klein will call and offer to do a pre-teen skanky photoshoot here like the ones from the 90’s.

Here is what it looks like at the moment.

You can clearly see the difference between crappy bachelor board and nice hardwood. But the couch rocks!

I’ve found a “how to” page to deal with it

How to paint over veneer paneling

I found this photo on HousetoHome that is a nice new take on wood in wallpaper form.

Wood print wallpaper

A good idea we will employ until we can rid our selves of this horrid crap. Because it is either getting covered or demo’ed! Of course that’s a spring project for another time. Ah one day you’ll be gone bachelor board.

11 thoughts on “What to do with bachelor board?

  1. we simply primed & painted our bachelor boards the same colour as the wall. it seems to blend in nicely without demoing anything. 🙂

  2. I know one family (must have had lots of time on their hands), that used drywall mud to fill in the grooves, then painted over it.

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