Mice 1— tidy hibernation 0

They’ve done it again.

I went to check up on the schoolhouse this weekend. And also to visit friend both local and from the west coast. After a great night of good food and Belgian beer I took a peek around the place. When I arrived at the house I was happy to see the poison blocks I had put out had disappeared. When I flaked out on the couch and found one under the couch cushion I had been snoozing on I was less happy.
Mouse in the Hand

There is some pretty heavy-duty cleaning in my future. we keep everything in plastic tubs and vacuum sealed bags so it is really just empty drawers to clean out but it is just one of those gross jobs I have to do once or twice a year. It’s like looking after the drunk friend at a party. You know he’s gonna be a mess but you’ve done it so many times you know it will be you at the end of the party searching a puke-riddled bathroom floor for contact lenses and subway tokens.

So those little furry miscreants have fooled me again. But what they don’t know is that I have a secret weapon. And his name is Beau.

It turns out one of our cats is quite the mouser. I have been feline sexist all these years thinking male cats were good for little but eating their weight in food and licking themselves in their dirty bits when company is over. However after a recent stay at the parentals Beau caught three mice in a week which earned him the nickname “Black Ops”. He was vicious and ruthless and left no survivors. Just the type of thing I like to see in my sweet little pets.

So my next trip up I am going to conduct a thorough clean (bring on the rubber gloves and mask) and remove all mouse leavings and poison residue. And then bring in the hunter.


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