Workin’ for the weekend

The Passage of Time
We don’t have a lot of time.

It’s the end of November and while the weather has been nothing but accommodating, our schedule hasn’t. We haven’t had a good solid couple of days up here since summer and there is a lot of work to do.

We don’t totally close things up for winter. We come up to visit every few weeks but after this summer’s “self-inflicted drought due to plumbing catastrophe” I am going to shut the water off when we aren’t here.

Along with that I have to totally clean and plug any obvious mouse entrances. Fly traps have to go up as well. Oh and we don’t want that leftover beer to go bad so we had better drink it before we leave.

I’ve got rubber gloves and garbage bags. We’ll make sure everything stored in platic tubs is still intact and anything that remotely smells of food is put away or removed.

I found this link to a great checklist for shuttin’ er up for the season from the Canadian Automobile Association.

Closing down the summer cottage

That checklist idea is a good one. I always forget what I’ve stored where and which knob to turn to get the water back on. In my defense the knob is red not blue and turns “righty tighty” when it should go “lefty loosey”.

Here is another one from Cottage Life.

How to close up the cottage in 2 days

But if anyone asks, this is not a cottage. I refuse to believe we are cottagers! That’s for another post someday.

I also hope to get my painting supplies and get Pat to measure for the flooring in the vestibule. We’re going to start shopping soon!


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