One colour to bind us

So when we did the poll our friend Watro (nickname used to protect the guy who has more incriminating photos of me than anyone) sent me this link.

Old house colors

I’ve also found this Toronto-based company that offers a variety of historical colours.

Homestead House

I am digging the Bayberry, Acadia Pear, Soldier Blue and the Liberty Blue. At our house my grandfather painted everything what we called Chinese Red. Everything. So not red is really my choice.

From Homestead House Paint Co. Toronto Ontario

Very interesting stuff. I sort of wish our red brick schoolhouse wasn’t actually red brick. Well not really but it is nice to know. We may employ some of these on the interior of the house.

Right now, with the exception of the bathroom and two bedrooms the schoolhouse is one big room. The ceilings are about 17 feet high so there is a lot to paint. It’s always been an off white and I’ve wondered if the space can take a rich, dark colour. Because whatever we pick we are bound to it as it will be everywhere.

Is it just me or do some of these colours appear to reflect some of the more modern trends? I guess everything old is new again.


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