I see a plain floor and I want to paint it black.

Of course my basic level of photoshop isn't going to do it justice. Just use your imagination!

All this talk of black doors is starting to get to me.

I shouldn’t write late at night with classic rock playing in the background. Though that sounds less like the Rolling Stones and more like Sylvia Plath writing mis-numbered Haiku.

We’ve been debating black floors in the vestibule. Pat can stain them and I’ve been doing some research. Found this collection and I think it works.

Painted black floors

We have to get the raw wood, stain it and install. Then repaint the wainscoting white and maybe red for the walls. It is a small space but it is very tall.

Found this on Apartment Therapy. Love the gloss but that may not work for us.

Inspiration:High Gloss Black Floors

The black floors will work with our overall plan which is to include white or cream wainscoting and red walls. I think it sounds more extreme than it will actually appear.

I think it will work. And if it sucks, well it is only the vestibule.


4 thoughts on “I see a plain floor and I want to paint it black.

  1. Love the look, my only suggestion, is to think hard about the colour of hair your cats leave behind! Yes, speaking from experience (now you know why my world is beige!)

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