The greener cleaner

I don’t like using heavy-duty chemicals when I clean at the schoolhouse.

With two wells on the property and a conscience to boot I’ve been thinking about taking a good hard look at the ingredients of the stuff under the sink to see if what I’m using will make the green grade.

I did find this on the David Suzuki Foundation website:

Green cleaning recipes

All of those sounds pretty good. I also like being able to print out the labels. And let’s face it, when this place was built that’s probably what they cleaned it with anyway. Nothing wrong with a little Borax and elbow grease.

Some people prefer to purchase their cleaning supplies and that can be ok too. I do that as well but I often wonder if the labels are telling the whole story. I often check this website:

The Good Guide

This site provides a score for many products based on their impact on health, the environment as well as societal impact. That can include community relations, treatment of employees, their cop-operation with international labour and environmental law etc. A very useful tool.

So I hope this helps you. I need help too. I like using a mop type product that “jets” a “wet” liquid on the floor to then be cleaned with a disposable pad. I like the concept but not the chemical or the disposable mat. I’ve tried steam cleaners but don’t like final result and my beloved Murphy’s Oil Soap seems to be leaving a residue. Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “The greener cleaner

  1. When the product that “jets” the “wet” liquid on the floor runs out, you can take the container off and dip the lid in boiling water for 20-30 seconds. Then fill it with vinegar and water, and replace it. Much more eco friendly. Here’s a how-to video: As for the disposable mat, you can sew some velcro on to the back of a sturdy cloth, and you’re done!

  2. Thanks for this, Ariel. The Good Guide showed I’m doing well in the cleaning department but my mousterizer may be killing me. Thank goodness I just bought another bottle of it.

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