Spring to do list

At this time of year it is hard to be inspired about spring planting when you’ve got a few cold hard months ahead.

Here in Ontario we have been damned lucky that there really isn’t any snow. It’s only been below freezing a few times which is unusual for this time of year. You can see in the photo below the shovel waiting with trepidation as it knows the onslaught that approaches.

For now, however, it looks like the crappiest part of fall. Without snow all you see is unraked leaves and sad brown stalks where plants used to be.

It was a good growing season but what to do with the front gardens next year? hanging baskets? Tall stalks? Heritage perennials? Oh and I guess a little painting too!

At the schoolhouse we’ve got lots of naturalized bulbs that populate the front of the house without any help from anyone. My grandmother collected tulips and daffodils for a long time and over time they have made their way to many a nook and cranny.

There are many lilies and I’ve installed a few different hostas as well. Oh and some phlox (white) along the left side there.

Things are quite overgrown these days and basically unkempt. I need neat and tidy but low maintenance if such a plant exists.

But what else? I had some hanging baskets out this year. Should I opt for the same? I need inspiration people! Please send me your ideas. Detailed landscaping designs are also accepted.

And hey, it still looks better than the summer we had a toilet on the porch. Good times.


2 thoughts on “Spring to do list

  1. I have some ideas for the gardens in the vestibule corners. I’m thinking Fosythias, a couple of varieties of tall grasses and some hardy hostas. All easy to care for with little maintenance. I’m still working on the varieties of grasses.

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