Can I cut it?

Ok I’ve found a good little project for me to work on.

I am going to make myself a nice little cutting board. Who says there can only be one carpenter in the family?

Cutting Board | Jim & Brenda Good

I found this link on the House and Home website.

DIY Kitchen Cutting Board

I think I can swing it. This won’t take too much to do right? Or I could go modern and little more complicated.

How to make a cheese board

I don’t know about that one. I don’t need feet to worry about. Simple is what I am looking for.

Here is a video that might help me out.

How to make a simple wood cutting board

Hmmm. Tough to get the desktop computer down to our condo’s workshop. Yeah our condo has a workshop. An indicator we may not be the youngest people living here.

Perhaps if I get myself a little sander I’ll try that simple one over the holidays. It would be a great addition to our schoolhouse kitchen and the condo as well.


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