Schoolhouse seasons

I just found these photos from a last year. Winter always looks prettier in pictures doesn’t it?

SS#4 in the winter.

I’m not sure why the hummingbird feeder is still up. I don’t think we got any customers last winter.

You’ll also notice the excellent angle on which our mailbox lies. Apparently snow plus snow plows equals slanty mailbox. I suppose it balances out the slanty apple tree.

The property is quite square and is lined with a row of cedars and pines along two sides with maple and oak along the back. My grandparents said many were planted by the former students on arbour day but I can’t confirm that. We do get a lot of leaves and pines needles in the fall  however regardless of who planted them.

That's a little nicer to look at than snow.

Of course when there isn’t any snow there is more grass to cut. I’ve never been fond of the trimming that has to be done. In my defense there is a lot of it and it grows faster than my credit card bill at Christmas. Did I tell you about the summer I used a scythe?

And now to dream all winter of when I can dig my fingers in the dirt again. Sigh.


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