No seriously, what colour?

So we’ve outlined the colours we would like to use for the vestibule but now we need to really refine it.

Paint Chip Spectrum

But how do you actually decide between 52 different shades of red? Pat works with paint on a daily basis as a picture framer and he complains about the different whites there are out there. So how do we pick?

So where should we go to select the best types of paint? I’m open to non-historical shades if they really work in the space. Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “No seriously, what colour?

  1. I was exactly the same way — there are just too many colors out there. I found it helpful to just look at one range — Farrow and Ball in our case — and then get their colors made up. Main thing we used was called skimming stone — they call it a grey, but it somehow looks different in each room. For a red accent wall on the third floor we used something called blazer (I think), which is almost rust, but very definitely red. This is what it looked like after one coat of paint.

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