Be it resolved: Resolutions to stick to

Rusty 2012
Lose weight, quit smoking, no more drinking, get a new job…

To Hell with those New Year’s resolutions that never get resolved. Sure they sound good on January 1 (especially when you are nursing the New Year’s hangover) but what’s the likelihood of them getting done? Bah!

This year I am going to make my resolutions about the schoolhouse. Perhaps something a little more tangible that will actually stick.

I’ve come up with two top ten lists: One for our beloved schoolhouse and one for our condo here in the city. Both are in great need of renovation and decoration respectively.

Peeling white boat II


  1. Paint front door – obviously black and obviously as soon as the weather allows as it looks a horror.
  2. Put down flooring in vestibule.
  3. Paint vestibule – for details read I see a plain floor and I want to paint it black.
  4. Replace eavestrough – this is the thing in most need of professional help. Hanging down and rusted, they are like bad British teeth on a once fine gentleman who lost his fortune and longs to see a dentist.
  5. Complete herb garden – if it can ever really be complete as I am sure I will add stuff like mad come spring.
  6. Build nicer garden along the front of the house – this is the first place people see so the garden here (and front door) be in peak condition. A house is like a mullet. It’s all business in the front so no one notices the party in the back with the car on blocks and the outhouse.
  7. Clear out the back bedroom – this tiny room used to be mine but now is home to cobwebs, plastic tubs full of old report cards and newspapers as well as our small vinyl collection. Hmmm… maybe we should set up the stereo as well..
  8. Paint bathroom – if the bathroom has to stay where it is for now I am ditching the bachelor board and painting it either white or yellow.
  9. Revive the composter – I think the well-intentioned kitchen refuse and leaves have now formed a solid block Excalibur couldn’t be pried from due to neglect. It is time to revive it and add the loamy goodness to our garden.
  10. Research and install if feasible some new lighting. – I am tired of climbing an extension ladder to change the front light at the front door. That is why there is a flashlight in my purse. I think it is time to call the electrician.

Well I think that is enough for the schoolhouse for now don’t you? I know myself all too well and will likely get sidetracked with other projects. I mean right now I should be doing laundry and dusting but the only thing getting dusted right now are these keys.

But wait, there’s more!

Like I mentioned earlier our condo looks exactly like it did the day we moved. Beige and like two straight dudes moved in. If it wasn’t for Ikea there would be a beer case for a coffee table and a milk crate under the tv for DVDs. It is time to spend some thought (sigh and some money) on this place as well.

Our condo

  1. Come up with a design for the living room – this space seems impossible to me. I’ve struggled with it for months. We need space for tv watching (thinking about a corner sectional) as well as a space for more bookshelves and a couple of nice chairs. All advice welcome.
  2. paint upstairs bathroom – “someone” has been given this task to be completed by the end of their holiday or I am doing it and when I paint I go hog-wild with no tape and lots of beer.
  3. fix dining room chairs – antiques that are in great need of restoration. Well antique is such a strong word.
  4. Paint kitchen – “someone” has been given until spring for that one.
  5. Buy new living room furniture. What and where please refer to number one.
  6. Hide the dreadful air conditioner cord that is in the dining room – this goes in the “what were the former owners thinking?” file. (see photo below)
  7. Fix all the general irritations – ok so that sounds pretty vague but by this I mean fix the stupid Ikea under cabinet lights that go on and off on a whim, find away to clean the paint that is splattered on virtually every surface from ceiling to floor, replace the stupid not glued down wooden toe stubbers (from between the kitchen tile and the laminate floor) and myriad other annoyances.
  8. Make alterations to the dining room so that the overhead light isn’t going to cause any “concussion-like symptoms” to my guests.
  9. Re-organize and decorate the office and make it better accommodate my home office space (which requires space for documents, files and coffee) with our home computer (this requires space for chips, beer and other accoutrements that accompany video games and well, this blog).
  10. Get more frames for art and photos – I think like the shoeless children of the cobbler, the broken down car of the mechanic and the ramshackle home of the contractor, an art framer somehow never has enough frames in the house. Our old apartment had a great wall of family, friends and a dog named Lucy made from old frames Pat had rescued from the garbage. Now we need to dig those out and add to our wall of fame/shame.
  11. Oh and jazz up the ol’ patio. last year’s garden was a good start but we need more life out there.

Well I think that is just about enough to keep me busy in 2012. I’ll be looking for a lot of advice so stay tuned!


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