Cats and kitchens

So our painting job this past weekend ended with only one person in the emergency room.

Friday night we spent a bit of time preparing our lists in order so we could head out early in the morning to get our supplies. We hit the hay to get a good night’s sleep but then as darkness fell I was ambushed by our unholy army of the night. In other words I rolled over onto a cat who didn’t care for the situation and he bit me.

No big deal. That’s what bandages and tea tree oil are for. So we headed out and got everything we needed.

Apparently a lot of thought goes into those rollers and brushes.

Pat started by sanding the rough and bumps of a thousand previous poorly completed paint jobs. We saw some vivid and interesting choices including a surprising lime green. He taped and papered to what could only be described as the level of a madman. But then again that is the difference between by “git ‘r done” method and his “we don’t have paint all over the floor and cupboards” method.

We had also decided to paint the stucco ceiling. I thought it looked serviceable enough but up close it showed the stains of years of oily cooking and smoking owners. Sort of like teeth that needed some of those fancy bleaching strips.

Saturday was all about the ceiling. The paint went only like a dream and made a world of difference. It also really showed off the red colour my finger had begun to turn.

We are down to the final bits and bobs. Only several more rooms and another house to paint.

On Sunday Pat finished up the taping, did a little more sanding and then convinced me my finger had begun to look like the beginning of a superhero film where the protagonist gets bitten by some sort of radioactive best. But with more pus. So I headed out to get that seen to.

What a delight to find, after two rounds of IV antibiotics and lots of ooze that not only is my infected cat bite on the mend but Pat had finished the kitchen. Well except for the bit around the refrigerator because I couldn’t exactly help move that now could I?

Well this isn't how I thought the weekend would be spent.

There was a tiny bit of bleeding (not me this time!) from the wall colour to the ceiling that needed to be touched up. I’ve used an edger on the walls that meet a stucco ceiling and that worked quite well but Pat wanted to go freehand. Since Pat had to putty over the massive sink holes left by too-large for the job screws from our shelving, that also required lots more sanding and coats of paint. All in all, a good start to our DIY efforts, probably due to my lack of involvement.

So lessons learned from our first attempt at a condo improvement

  • be prepared with a full list of what you will need
  • think about the job and note all of the work you will need to do
  • shop around until you find the colour, paint and supplies you need
  • be willing to get down and dirty to get every nook and cranny done
  • never anger a sleeping cat.

I’m not allowed to take final photos until the last little finishing touches are complete. We still need to deal with the terrible wood counter and build a nice shelf for our cookbooks and other kitchen goodies. Plus the added colour really makes the white cupboards pop but it also shows off all the coffee spills and other messes so vividly now I’ll have to do a massive clean. Why does work always make more work?


3 thoughts on “Cats and kitchens

  1. Dear God, Ariel! Which cat bit you? I can’t believe it got infected. What have you been feeding those little bastards? Raw meat? They might need some of those fancy bleaching strips. Or a good brush. Yikes.

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