Shelves in the kitchen? A happy thought indeed!

Well with condo project number one complete we move on to bigger and better things in the kitchen.

A sample of some of our cookbooks.

We are going to refurbish the crappy wood counter on one side and then build a nice shelving unit for our many cookbooks. The counter is awash with black pot rings from the previous owners and doesn’t match the beech of the other counter’s trim. Pat just got this book for Christmas and it requires a reinforced, sturdy shelf as it appears to be of encyclopedic stature.

The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook

We have a whack of cookbooks from all the celebrities like Jamie and Gordon but also Pat’s “girlfriend” Laura Calder and my pal Donna Hay. And like all good Ontarians we have a stack of LCBO Food and Drink magazines. But due to my coupon clipping, country cooking background there also has to be room for my Kraft annuals, the Minden Curling Club cookbook, old Milk calendars and recipe cards for sloppy joes, beer stew and other hillbilly staples.

Pat is going to build a nice shelf for our books and a few of our various cooking accoutrements. I wondered about keeping books in the kitchen but according to the folks at Real Simple it can be done.

Give cookbooks space

Of course the same will have to be done at some point in Buckhorn. The cookbooks still there are more of historical value including a rare vintage Dr. Oetker Cookbook in English German Home Cooking Special Issue for English Speaking Countries published in 1963. Every dish seems to have a fried egg on top of it and its 60s glossy photos look more like a “this is your brain on drugs” campaign. Rare beauty such as this needs a proper display. Just don’t look at it when you are hung over.

I mean come on, isn't that the most appetizing meal you've ever seen?

For now the bookshelf my grandfather built will do nicely for the Buckhorn books. Our city cookbooks need some attention. And a few new friends I’ve been perusing.

Until then we will just plan our shelves. I suspect it will be a couple of weeks at least what with that football game coming up. No cookbooks required for the requisite chili dogs and nachos.


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