Does a garden grow if I am not there to see it?

We really want a vegetable garden at the schoolhouse but can weekend warriors do it if they aren’t there to water?

Now I’m no stranger to growing stuff. We always had a garden and I was in it a lot.

We’ve got the space, we’ve got the sun, we’ve got good dirt and access to a whole lot of mulch but if we only go up on weekends can we keep plants alive?

I’ve been doing a little research and we may investigate doing some square foot gardening. Or traditional gardening is also a good choice given what we have to work with. I’ve also found this:

Gravity feed watering kit

Lee Valley rarely lets me down so this could work. The combination of rain barrels and irrigation may be ok though the garden isn’t likely to be anywhere near the rain spouts. But access to water isn’t really the issue. With two wells I am sure we can keep the (rain) barrels full even if the rain gods aren’t our friends.

However it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take some advice from those who deal with drought on a regular basis. I cam across this blog post from a Californian gardener more acquainted with water issues.

Tips for a drought-friendly vegetable garden

I really like the irrigation of the tomatoes. Seems like it could work. It appears as though this may work if we plan ahead and do this right. We’ll stick with some containers on our condo balcony and a vegetable garden and herb garden at the schoolhouse.

Hmmm… Now I want a salad.


3 thoughts on “Does a garden grow if I am not there to see it?

  1. Since I don’t have a garden any more, I should be careful to make any advises, but I would just say that it also depends on the plant you chose to put in the ground. Some plants will not have a problem getting water on a weekend basis. Good luck with the project!

  2. Hi there, I just read about a great idea for using buckets to create self-watering pots for plants. You might be able to fill up a couple of these with herbs, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries and the like. Self-watering pots would be okay during the week and you could move them around while you work out the best places for things to grow.

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