Another fantastic infographic—ways to save energy in your home

OK so I seem to be obsessed with providing information with bright colours and cool graphics.

This British infographic provides a room by room display of ways to repair, renovate and change your ways to ensure your home is getting the best energy bang for your buck. Or, in their case, pound.

You’ll have to take into consideration that when looking at this, these folks use radiators much more than we Canadians do and in winter it isn’t all that wise to turn your heat off at night but rather turn it down. A lot of these people don’t have central heating and are a lot less likely to go through life not knowing what -35 degrees Celsius actually feels like.

The schoolhouse has a lot of energy-saving opportunity but we aren’t currently taking advantage of much right now. I think long-term we would look at geothermal heating and better insulation but for now we rely on our propane heating, a ceiling fan and some giant windows that provide light and heat on a sunny day but need some updating.

I think we will review this infographic more closely in the future.

Wickes Energy Savings Tips


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