A little scholarly inspiration

I’ve been looking at photos of other schoolhouses for inspiration this week.

Now I know the final product is years away and we don’t even know what shape it will take—but whatever it is, there will always remain the essential vibe of a schoolhouse.

When I first started this blog I found a few ideas.

Where to begin?

That was helpful, so this week I started hunting around Pinterest to see what I could learn about schoolhouses.

Fissel’s Schoolhouse
Fissel's Schoolhouse (York County, PA)

According to Gregg Obst’s post on Flickr,

The Fissel’s Schoolhouse was built in 1896 and served students of the farming community of Glen Rock, PA not far from Shrewsbury and the Pennsylvania/Maryland border. It was added to the National Register of Historical Places on October 24, 1997. It is now maintained by the Southern York County School District as a museum. It is one of a small handful of existing Pennsylvania one-room schools that still have an original belfry and bell.”

Well that is a cool one.

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

Even the most hip Torontonians may not know about Enoch Turner Schoolhouse. Tucked away on Trinity Street in a residential area, it is a great wedding venue.

I know because my pals Tom and Nicole (also know for their Travelling Family blog) tied the knot here. Now I’m not likely to turn our schoolhouse into a wedding venue but you can’t help but admire their efforts here.





Film shoot location, Hertfordshire, England

This schoolhouse has a lot of elements I would love to incorporate, right down to the full bookshelves and the Aga stove. I’ve always wondered what it would look like if we opened up the ceiling.

Well these photos give me something to think about…

Source: 1st-option.com via Ariel on Pinterest


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