Come and knock on my door

Ah Spring is here.

The robins are returning to the neighbourhood, the bulbs are starting to peek through the soil and the snowman-covered wreath is still on the front door of our condo.

I need a little something for that front door. I always like having something to spruce up the front door but here in condo land it also acts as a nice way to know which door is yours in a sea of sameness. Also handy for those nights when friends, who have enjoyed themselves and are staying over, don’t starting knocking at the neighbours.

Homemade welcome sign

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

Uh well this is nice and all but I mean come on. Do you really see me with yarn and glue and flowery things all over the dining room table that culminates in a finished work of cuteness and creativity?

I think we need to think on simpler terms. What do we have lying around the house I can glob together? What do a picture framer and someone who works with words have lying around the house?

Picture frame door hanging

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

Ah ha! Now we may have something. I have a couple of old frames lying around and some parchment paper. I think we may have something to work with. Just a little less cheesy and bland than these examples…


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