The panel is in: But not at my house!

And now for a rant about wood paneling.
Texture : Altario Buick Estate Wagon : Rotting Faux Wood Paneling [1 of 2]
No, never, nuh uh will you see this at my schoolhouse. Of course I mean once we get it all removed. The place is stupid with it now but we’ll be painting it over until we can tear it out for good. Unless I get a call to tell me the folks from SCTV need a wood-paneled backdrop for a new Bob and Doug McKenzie movie the wood is outta there. I believe I made my opinions clear on this in my older blog post about “bachelor board.

So when I read this article on wood paneling on Apartment Therapy I was angered. Then sad that I was angry about something so stupid.

Wood Paneling: The 60s Favorite is Back

Seriously? Do we have Don Draper and his throwback crew from Mad Men to thank for this? I actually love that show but it doesn’t mean I smoke at the office now and wear a bra that could push through concrete. Some things are better left in the past to be remembered and laughed at in a future conversation about dumb things we did back then. So I ain’t gonna follow this trend.

Alright rant over. As you were.


One thought on “The panel is in: But not at my house!

  1. I agree with you. I took out the wood panelling in our spare bedroom. The previous owner painted over it. Nothing can make panelling look good 🙂 And why is it often combined with shag carpet?

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