Spring came in like a lamb and a sarlacc

I thought I would have spent this weekend raking leaves but instead the giant sarlacc pit/suckhole that is the sump hole and associated pump took all my time.

Sarlacc Pit star wars

I arrived at the schoolhouse to find water in the root cellar. It’s always such a treat to go down there on the best of days but up to your ankles in mud is even more fun. But we have to be careful it doesn’t rise too much as the electric water pump sits nearby and if that gets wet we are in trouble.

We enter our root cellar through a trap door in the kitchen floor. Then you climb a rickety wooden and by all accounts decrepid ladder and behind that you will find the sump hole.

It’s an unpleasant experience the first time you step down there and the tips of your rubber boots sink in. You think to yourself, “Other people have nice dry, concrete basements while we have something that could have been a backdrop in Deliverance.”

I poked and prodded but the idea of playing with an electric motor submerged in water (always de-energize people!) was not my cup of tea. I remembered my grandfather down there swearing and tossing tools up through the hatch up to the kitchen many times. Then I remembered my neighbour Ken had also been down there a few times so I gave him a call.

Thankfully he was able to help out. We dug out two buckets of sludge and rocks that had made their way in and made sure the bobber was able to do its thing. How they got there I’m not sure. How the acorns got there I don’t know. Or the peach pit. Or the piece of Lego.

Of course the pump is rusty and its covered in mud but it works for now. It’s got a few more years in it I think!

When you are working on a property, you need to know what to do in any eventuality and be prepared to change your plans. Raking the leaves off my newly sprouting plants in the miraculous-for-the-Kawarthas March sun would have been a treat. However I had to change my tack because a wet basement and the potential structural and electrical hazards that could have been produced as a result of ignoring the situation might have meant no more schoolhouse.

And remember, when you don’t know what to do, ask someone who does.

And for those of you who don’t know what a sump pump is or if you should have one, here are a few links you might want to check out.

Avoiding basement flooding

Sump pumps and well pumps

What is a sump pump

And if you don’t know what a sarlacc pit is…

Trip to the sarlacc pit


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