From tiny seedlings…

Alright I have officially planted some plants. Now it feels like spring.

Last weekend I pulled out all of my planters up at the schoolhouse but I know it isn’t quite the right time yet to plant anything there. But on my way home I may have stopped at Richter’s Herb Farm in Goodwood (really that is the name of the town).

It is very hard not to go completely mental in here. Maybe it is the heat of the greenhouse or the crushing scents of herbs and flowers you haven’t smelled all winter but I always leave with a carload of stuff.

Rosemary, basil, thyme, sage and chives oh my!

This trip proved no exception. Here you can see I’ve picked up rosemary, basil, thyme, sage and chives. My giant rosemary that lasted the winter indoors is heading north for the summer for cokking purposes. I may chance it and try to put it outside as well. This combo will serve us nicely on the balcony in the city though.

It ain't summer without Mojito mint!

And while you might notice the oregano peeking out in the background here, the real star of the show is of course the Mojito Mint. Used it like crazy last summer and whil this year’s hot weather is proving to be Pimms, you can’t go wrong with mint.

Peas please.

And while my seedlings turned out to be a bust this year I did manage to get some peas. I’ll stake them when they look like they might survive.


2 thoughts on “From tiny seedlings…

  1. They look so pretty in those pots. When I think of mint, it’s usually something delicious like a dessert or a special drink…. but always a summer thing. Very Nice!

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