It was so easy going green

Our four-year old patio furniture from Ikea has had it.

We have a little set we use on our balcony at the condo. That brown acacia stuff that we have just doesn’t weather very well. With each passing year it gets more and more decrepid looking. For awhile I kidded myself and thought it was just maturing and would turn a lovely darkened colour. It went gray and scaly. So I decided it can’t get any worse and tried my hand at painting it.

And yes for all my safey friends out there, I did wear all the appropriate personal protective equipment, except for a mask. I didn’t even make a mess except a small patch of grass I will cut next week anyway. At least the paint went downwind.

I think it went well. This test chair worked out to be very simple and I hope to get the rest done next weekend. This might inspire me to do more for the schoolhouse. I’d love to get some nice old Kawartha chairs (yes we call them Kawartha chairs ’cause we ain’t in Muskoka!) and do them up nicely. Wait and see!


5 thoughts on “It was so easy going green

  1. lol Cool! Great minds think alike!
    I painted 3 ratty old “ikea or ikea-like” chairs this spring too. Almost the exact shade of green (BM-stem green), and also (BM- Poolside blue).
    You two will have to come over when it warms up. The pool is open (… cold) and there is a Cabana, x2 Loungers, x2 (almost 3) Hammocks, x2 Muskoka chairs avec ottomans!)

  2. It seems like green is the in color right now and I’m really loving it. The shade you chose is super cool. You did good with that choice! Amazing how some sanding and a little hip shade of green can transform a piece. It looks brand new. Bravo! I feel like painting something now. 🙂

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