The brave companions

OK so you can tell from the title of this one I’ve been reading too much George Martin of late. Hey what can I say? I spent the long weekend at the schoolhouse all by my lonesome and it was either read some more Storm of Swords or watch Aspen Extreme on VHS. I think it is time to upgrade our multimedia options up there.

I was nervous to leave my city sprouts unattended but they came through and even grew a good deal in my absence. I am hopeful for my herbs and tomatoes but we will see how the lettuce and peppers fare.

Since I got back early I started doing a little research on gardening and found this infographic on companion planting. While pots of plants are close together and I have introduced everyone I don’t think that actually counts as the same thing. Perhaps next year I will get bigger pots and let everyone get to know each other a little better.
Plant companions


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