You aren’t Canadian unless you complain about the weather: An infographic

That’s just a fact. I can’t confirm it but I suspect that is a secretly part of the immigration process. Those of us born here just have a special chip implanted at birth that makes us automatically bring up the weather in any given conversation.

Summer Sun Light

We Canadians can only talk about hockey, double doubles and poutine so long. So inevitably the conversation turns to the weather. The winter is always too cold and this year I suspect throughout the entire summer, we will be complaining about how much we have to water the garden, how many sunburns we will try to avoid as we transition from a pale blue, to translucent white to the red that our national flag bears. There is also a lot of talk about how we wish it was a “dry heat”.

In that spirit I bring you an apt infographic for this stinkin’ heat. While not the normal topic for this blog I can’t help but think about the weather when I am working in the garden or on the lawn or when I am trying to keep my herbs and veggies from shrivelling up on my balcony in the city.

I think we’ve broken a lot of these records now but you get the idea. It’s something to peruse when you are in between watering your herbs for the fifth time today and braving the waters of Lake Ontario just to cool off.

Infographic: Dog days of summer


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