Oh nuts! The neighbours are naked again: Using shrubs and evergreens for privacy

Someone found my blog using the search term, “Neighbour nude in the backyard.”

Hot fat tan bald naked old guy

After searching my brain to try to figure out what on earth I had written to allow that kind of keyword search (still not sure). I started to wonder if this was actually a problem for people. At the schoolhouse we have no immediate neighbours and other than people who walk down the road we could likely play naked badminton (insert shuttlecock joke here) and not really bother anyone.

Though there is nothing wrong with “nude-ing” it up once in awhile, not everyone wants to share your beliefs. Especially when great-aunt Mabel is having tea in the backyard.

So I thought I should come to the aid of this poor person who may still be shuttered away indoors or at least be forced to wear welder’s goggles in the yard so as not to have to see his neighbours au naturel. I’ve found a couple of links for planting plants, shrubs and trees that will block out the next door nude folk.

I came across this advice that might help hide the nude neighbours from Thisoldhouse.com. These folks have been hiding old naked people with their old home gardening advice for years.

Evergreen privacy screens

The fine folks at the Arbor Day Foundation have created a step-by-step guide for creating a private space.

How to Plant a Privacy Hedge

The major points on the Arbor Day Foundation include

The Arbor Foundation has a lot of great information on shrubs, plants and all sorts. You will have to look around because the website does not have a “How to hide the naked neighbour” tab for some reason.

So wherever that wayward surfer is looking for these details, I hope they find this.


One thought on “Oh nuts! The neighbours are naked again: Using shrubs and evergreens for privacy

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