Don’t pan the pantry

One day I will have a pantry that will rival that of Michael Smith.

I don’t watch much on the Food Network and I think most foodies are a-holes but damn that guy’s pantry on Chef at Home kind of rocks.

We just bought some basic jars at Ikea to replace the “olde tyme” fruit-covered ones my grandmother game me two decades ago (yeesh). These look a little better here in the condo and I want to start collecting some good sturdy ones for the schoolhouse that keeps items fresh and keeps our friends out of our food.

So for now I will content myself with a few items clearly displayed on my condo counter.

There are many blog posts and websites on what to put in your pantry and all that but we are not about food here. But in case you are interested, here are a couple of good ones:

But enough of that. I have been searching Pinterest and have found a few nice examples of what I would like to have one day at the schoolhouse.

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest


I like the look of all of these. Simple, organized and chock-a-block with what you need. I think that when you put this stuff on display you may be more likely to use it. Since we put out our new jars I’ve already baked.

And clearly I have proven this theory with our clearly displayed bar (see photo at top). It is well used and well displayed.

All hail the Great Pumpkin!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Ok so this photo has nothing to do with the schoolhouse. I took it somewhere outside of Kelowna on vacation a few years back but I like it and it is a nice fall photo.

I am not dressing up this year nor participating in any spooky activities. Not feeling it this year but rock on everyone who is. Heading up to the schoolhouse soon to see what is new and interesting this fall so stay posted!

Ice storm, flood, zombie attack? An infographic.

We Canadians are generally prepared for the likes of most natural disasters.

We value our homes and like to ensure they are kept safe. If you live out west, you know about avalanches and earthquakes. Easterners know more than enough about surviving floods and ice storms. If you are from Saskatchewan, you have likely figured out how not to die from boredom and so forth.

We’ve contemplated getting the schoolhouse emergency-ready with differing heating systems and generators. Storing foodstuffs and water and all those important things the Federal government advises us of.

However we have no plan for zombie attack. So when I saw this infographic I thought, “well that makes sense.” And also, “I can’t believe I have gone this long without a plunger gun.”

How To Zombie Proof Your House
Browse more infographics.

“Olive” the new colour in the bathroom

After many years with a great distaste for olives I have done two odd things this year.


First I started eating olives. I guess I got over that part. And second, we’ve just painted the upstairs bathroom an olive sort of green. Who would have guessed?

Now you might say, “Ariel, olives come in many colours.” And then possibly mutter, “Dumbass” when you think I am not listening. obviously that is true and it’s fairly evident given the picture above. Now who is the dumbass?

We looked around and both actually agreed on Olivine by Behr.
Behr, Olivine, 420F 5 –

That’s a sort of olive-green with a bit of sage thrown in I guess. It looks good I think. It isn’t as olive as the name suggests and it looks nice with our brown tile and black-brown cabinets. Watch for impending, non-olive related photos to support my case.

This looks historically haunted

Is it just me or does the place where my old swing used to be look like we’ve been hanging people?

I think it is time to take these down or put a swing back up. I found this behind some overgrowth in a now rather unused part of the yard. Nice for Hallowe’en but that’s about it.

While I am not a member of the local historical society I suspect that none of the members could find evidence of hanging in these parts. Not a lot of suspected witches up here in the Kawarthas.

We had a good time old swing but your time is done!

Autumnal signs: an infographic

Fall is here and I haven’t done an infographic in a wee while so here goes.

While this is based on American information, I suspect it can be reflective of Canadian statistics as well. At least in terms of dopey people overdoing it. Raking is good exercise but it also gives you blisters and a back ache if you aren’t prepared. But a beer while raking often helps!

As for the trees info, well that is just interesting. Enjoy!

New tenant on the scene

It appears our fall tenants have arrived.


Upon my last visit the bird feeder emptied daily thanks to the dozens of chickadees and at least eight blue jays. It is nice to see the fall and winter tenants back on the homestead.

We actually will be having a tenant this fall as my neighbour has recently sold his property and needs a place to stay for a short time. Nice to think of the place being used when we aren’t there.

All’s well at well’s end

Well, well effing well.

So the late summer and early fall has been a price part of the year. We’ve done some plumbing work to say the least. Those poor fellows who made their way under the schoolhouse and into our root cellar last summer to fix a leaky valve made their way back three times to complete repairs on our well.

This is what my old foot valve looks like. It was at the end of some very long water lines. I can now believe my well is more than 100 feet deep and I know my yard can hold 100 feet of water line because they have pulled it up and replaced it as well.

Oh and did I mention the new pump we also have? Let’s just say that now that the new equipment is in, this will be the most pristine water in the township. Which is good as I may have to start selling it in bottles to cover the repairs! Just kidding township. I am sure there are rules against that.

Now the well is all shocked and ready for action. They tell me it these repairs will last for some time. I suspect the schoolhouse is just the place to test this theory.