Don’t pan the pantry

One day I will have a pantry that will rival that of Michael Smith.

I don’t watch much on the Food Network and I think most foodies are a-holes but damn that guy’s pantry on Chef at Home kind of rocks.

We just bought some basic jars at Ikea to replace the “olde tyme” fruit-covered ones my grandmother game me two decades ago (yeesh). These look a little better here in the condo and I want to start collecting some good sturdy ones for the schoolhouse that keeps items fresh and keeps our friends out of our food.

So for now I will content myself with a few items clearly displayed on my condo counter.

There are many blog posts and websites on what to put in your pantry and all that but we are not about food here. But in case you are interested, here are a couple of good ones:

But enough of that. I have been searching Pinterest and have found a few nice examples of what I would like to have one day at the schoolhouse.

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest


I like the look of all of these. Simple, organized and chock-a-block with what you need. I think that when you put this stuff on display you may be more likely to use it. Since we put out our new jars I’ve already baked.

And clearly I have proven this theory with our clearly displayed bar (see photo at top). It is well used and well displayed.


One thought on “Don’t pan the pantry

  1. I agree these are beautiful pantries. I especially love the third one.

    I learned my lesson with a pantry that had very deep shelves. It didn’t work well for me, I was always digging into the back to find what was shoved there by the kids or forgotten by me. I finally decided to pick up an Ikea Hemmes cabinet that is only about a foot deep. Now I can see everything in there and nothing gets lost.

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