Happy “no desire to do anything for Christmas” Holidays!

I don’t know about you but I am seriously not motivated to do anything for the holidays.

I found this infographic that I believe explains why.

Daylight Hours 2012

I can honestly say that now that we are down to just a few hours of daylight I have no motivation or energy to do anything remotely Christmasy. I am the last on our floor in the condo to put a wreath out and it’s taken three tries to start buying gifts. I may avoid Christmas cards all together!

I’ll get around to it of course and I’ll talk a good game but in the end there will be no Martha Stewart-esque decorations around here. I may buy some stuff online then put my head under the pillow until I can order seeds for the spring!


One thought on “Happy “no desire to do anything for Christmas” Holidays!

  1. I’m not the last here, but not the first either by any means. I am completing my Christmas shopping in the morning so all I will have to do is wrap them and pull out decorations sometime this month. Luckily, my downsizing and my son buying a home means that everyone wants to have dinner at my son’s house so I only have to entertain Christmas eve, which will be sandwiches and finger foods.

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