A smooth en “counter”

We have banished the black rings of Swansea at last!

OK that smacks a bit too much of Tolkien. What I meant to say was that Pat has re-finished our kitchen countertop and removed the blackened rings, cracks and other imperfections left by the previous owners of our condo.

I don’t have a great photo for the “before” scenario but you see that not only was it in poor shape it was a bit too yellow in this photo from this earlier post.

Pat removed the large piece of wood and took it to his shop at work.


While accessing the drawers without opening them was a convenience, there really was little appeal in leaving things like this. Fortunately it only took a day. Pat sanded down the counter block within an inch of its life and added a rounded edge. He waxed it and the combination of wax and serious sanding really brought the wood grain out. It is so smooth and pretty now I don’t actually want to put anything on it lest I be the one to wreck it after so much work was put into it.


Of course in this process we are now questioning the position and location of everything in the kitchen and this is leading to a major shuffle and re-organization. Sigh.


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