Our first orchid

We are taking our houseplants up a notch.

The parentals came to visit around Valentine’s Day and gave us an orchid. Now I know houseplants but an orchid seems like a commitment. My violet is in good shape and both Christmas cacti have bloomed this year amazingly. But an orchid demands attention.

orchid 001

Our newest member of the household.

So far all I know is that it is a Phalaenopsis which is one of the most common and hardy types. That should be good to get used to. And it seems that there are a lot of resources available to provide ample information.

Phalaenopsis Care
Phalaenopsis for Beginners – American Orchid Society

orchid 005

Here’s hoping this orchid (Let’s call him Archie) makes it to Spring Break.

So now this week I am off to find Archie a nice planter and will be doing a little “orchid”-ology.


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