Harmony in a hammock

This miserable weather has me thinking about our hammock trees.

Source: prettystuff.tumblr.com via Sophie on Pinterest ****************************************** *********************************************************************************************************

We have two perfectly placed oak trees in the backyard with two perfectly placed hooks in the bark that have been a source of many a sound snooze for friends, family and likely unknown passersby when we aren’t around. They look a little like this though I can’t seem to find a good photo in my albums. The hammock trees are about the best place to flake out in nice weather which I plan to do when this winter is over.

However in recent years the trees have grown and begun to swallow up the hooks and one tree is starting to show his age and may not weather the test of time. We’re working on some pruning that may help but I hope to get a few more years out of our lovely hammock trees.

We also need a new hammock. The old white, many-stringed behemoth that someone brought back from Mexico has lost my confidence. It is time for a new one. I’ve been perusing the internet and while their prices are a bit steep it is a sound investment in weekend rest!

Source: hayneedle.com via Ariel on Pinterest

Source: hayneedle.com via Ariel on Pinterest ************************************************** ** *********************************************************************************************************

And of course it couldn’t hurt to have one or two (or three) for the boys!


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