Turning over some old leaves

Well I guess I can’t put it off any longer. It is time to start raking the leaves.

Red leaf

Actually that isn’t true. I can totally put it off and wait until spring. Or I can never do it at all and then just mulch them when I cut the grass for the first time in 2014. It’s all been done before.

But alas I’ve seen the light and I want to rake this fall. With as many trees as we have it is a tedious and arduous process but I need the exercise and its a good thing to do.

I actually found some helpful tips for raking and fall yard work in Organic Gardening recently.

The 12 Rules of Raking

I don’t think my mower can handle the workload considering the number of leaves we get here but I will try to work them in where I can. I guess we all now know what I will be doing the next few weekends I am up!


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