Laven-don’t—Better things to do with lavender than I did

OK so I’m no Martha Stewart. I’ve never crafted and I’ve never been topless on Saturday Night Live.

So when I picked some lavender off the newly planted plant this autumn I naively thought I could be creative enough to do something nice with it. Sadly this lovely purple plan went from this:


to this sad attempt at arts and crafts:

Sad attempt at arts and crafts

You see this is why I took music in school and not art. Though to be fair my flute has been gathering dust for nigh on 20 years now too.

I strung up what I could in a pitiful knot and tied it to the chain on our bedroom ceiling fan/light.

Not with ribbon but string. Not a bundle but a handful. Not good. Not at all.

So I went to Pinterest and looked at what normal people do with lavender. Apparently smarter and craftier people are out there in the world sharing this type of information.

I especially like the linen water and scrub. These all seem like good ideas.

Good ideas for next year at this point, but good nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Laven-don’t—Better things to do with lavender than I did

  1. You can still use it! The crafty things you see on Pinterest probably use dried lavender anyway. Rebundle it so that all the blooms are about the same height, cut the stem ends so they are the same length, and put them in any little something-er-other that will fit them: jelly jar, coffee mug, wine glass, sugar bowl, clear Solo cup…

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