A herbaceous week for me

Well that is a nice treat!

The 2014 Richters Herb and Vegetable Catalogue has arrived. That means the next few days I will be dreaming of next year’s herbs and what I can plant in my new garden at the schoolhouse that can thrive while tolerating my general absence.

Hard Neck Garlic

Garlic will be my challenge for next fall but what will I plant this spring? I’ll be flipping through the books in the next few days trying to get some inspiration. I’ve been generally uninspiring to do much these last few weeks so hopefully this will kickstart my brain.


One thought on “A herbaceous week for me

  1. I feel you. I’ve decided I don’t like getting on the ground to dig anymore, so most of my garden herbs are still in pots. And it’s too cold even if I find a patsy, so I have to wait until my spring enthusiasm returns. That garlic is quite dramatic. Is that in the schoolhouse garden?

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