Boquet Octagonal Schoolhouse

Here is an interesting schoolhouse from New York State. Would have been neat to have an octagonal building.

Preservation in Pink

It’s not everyday that you encounter an octagonal stone schoolhouse; but drive on Route 22 through the tiny hamlet of Boquet in the town of Essex, NY and you’ll come across this historic 1826 structure. Designed by architect Benjamin Gilbert, the school served the population around the local, growing sawmills. The octagon was later popularized by Thomas Jefferson at Poplar Forest (read more here from AARCH). Today the building is owned by the town and open for tours by appointment. Many original features remain in this octagonal schoolhouse. The community is undertaking a fundraiser to raise money for restoration of the building. Read more here. And there’s an old set of swings, too. Take a look!

Boquet Schoolhouse in Essex, NY. Boquet Schoolhouse in Essex, NY.

Stone & octagonal. The local heritage orgainzation (ECHO) is raising money to repair to building. Stone & octagonal. The local heritage organization (ECHO) is raising money to repair to building.

And a bit of a historic playground to go along with the schoolhouse! And a bit of a historic playground to go along with the…

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Keeping the cold out

So are we all ready for this?

Buckhorn backyard winter 2013

Buckhorn backyard winter 2013

I know I am not. We are headed up this weekend to do a bit more winterizing. Hopefully we can keep the outside where it belongs and the house in good shape in case this happens again.

I found this list of helpful tips which may be of use.

How to protect your cottage during the winter months

Well truthfully we don’t drain the lines like some folk do as we come up throughout the winter. And we keep a bit of heat on so that’s my main concern. But we keep a clear path to the door and to the propane tank and as long as we can get in and check in regularly all should be well.

Turns out this lady is a bit of a bitch

Well after a bit of research it looks like the Asian Lady Beetle has come to visit.

I asked about the strange orange bugs I’ve noticed in the country and city in the last post. Turns out she is an ugly cousin of the beloved ladybug.

The Real Dirt: Asian lady beetle a North American pest

And by the sounds of it she is a bit of a bitch. I think she may get escorted off the premises if she comes back.

Asian Lady Beetle