Admitting to defeat

I believe I must admit that this year the mice are winning.

Upon arriving at the schoolhouse last night we discovered the mouse traps and poison I had laid out has been largely ignored. Except of course the box of extra poison I bought which seems to be covered in mouse poop.

This may be a losing battle…

2 thoughts on “Admitting to defeat

  1. It’s tough. They breed like rabbits or worse. We have lots of feed all over the ground by the bird and squirrel feeders; the mice go nuts for it. I’ve trapped two dozen or so in the last month in our garden shed. Good luck.

  2. It must be an unusual year for mice. For the first time in over 20 years we have mice in our house as do our neighbours. So far we have trapped 19. My dad also has them in his shed which has never happened before. For some reason mice are everywhere this year.

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