A tale of two toilets

i have always wanted two bathrooms here at the schoolhouse but this isn’t quite what I had in mind.


Our kind friend has provided us with a new toilet (well new to us) and installed it. As soon as the water is up and running we will be able to be a little less rustic than we have been the past few months. And for now this old beaut will remind us of what a cold winter it truly was.

What in the world is going on with schoolhouses

Abandoned. Restored. Lived in. Repurposed.

That seems to be the lot of the life of a schoolhouse. They all seem to fit into these categories. I’ve been collecting interesting photos from around the world of Pinterest and have found some great photos.

This is just a sample of the photos I've seen so far.

This is just a sample of the photos I’ve seen so far.

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A Former Schoolhouse Is Converted Into A Rad Modern House by Beauty and Hairstyle

Very cool and modern take on a schoolhouse. Take a look!

Interior Design

Details: Photographer: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer Source: Dom & Wnetrze

By: Julia Millay Walsh

if you want to view full content please visit this http://www.beautyandhairstyle.com/home-decor/a-former-schoolhouse-is-converted-into-a-rad-modern-house.html

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Sump pumps suck when they don’t suck

after this long, cold winter I had been looking forward to spring.
Then came the call from our friend who checks on the house. The sump pump in the root cellar had quit and the cellar was filling fast. Nothing between us and the icy cold ground water other than our hardwood floors and a few electric pumps.

After careful electrical disconnects and discovering a fortunate second sump socked away in the shed, we’ve been able to stop in in flow from becoming a totally disastrous deluge. Thanks to our kind friend and ex-neighbour we have saved the house from major damage once again.

Needless to say for this reason (and others) we have very little interest in that new Russell Crowe flood film.

Spring is fighting back I think

It’s been a long, cold winter and most of us are sick of it.

For awhile there was no way in.

For awhile there was no way in.

I won’t complain though. As a work-from-home kind of gal I don’t have to face it as much as others.

We’ve not been able to get to the schoolhouse as much as we would like but when we did get up there wasn’t much to do but shovel.

Once you got in, there was no way out!

Once you got in, there was no way out!

However I am beginning to think there is light at the end of this snowy tunnel. The sun is starting to show itself a little more and I think we  may be over the worst.

Galway-Cavendish and Harvey-20140222-00571

I think our plants are trying to tell us something. My ivy geranium that was the sole survivor of our balcony planters last fall has made it through the winter and is now showing off its petals once again.

I take this as a sign

I take this as a sign

We also totally forgot about Pat’s Amaryllis last year so it’s been dormant and in the dark for some time. This is only about 10 days growth out of darkness. It may not be Christmas but I’ll go with a resurrection theme and say it will be ready for Easter.

Hey it's not Christmas but I don't care!

Hey it’s not Christmas but I don’t care!

There is also some catnip we rescued from our feline roommates last year. It looked pretty sad last fall but in our greenhouse of a spare room it has come back with a green vengeance. I am beginning to think we might make it out of this winter.

Have I moved?

Despite names on deeds for several decades it appears we have moved the schoolhouse.

Moving the old Blacksmith Shop

OK so that is a bit of an overstatement and that photo is something else entirely. The last time I was up we received a letter in the mail from Canada Post. Apparently our township in its infinite wisdom has changed our 911 numbers and removed our rural route. We have a new postal code and a new number and a new town according to our address.

It appears that Wolfe was sort of right. You can go home again but it isn’t necessarily where you left it.

She’s a brick house

Well the schoolhouse is anyway.

We’ve got a red brick schoolhouse but most of the brick is buried behind plaster. The two bedrooms each have a brick wall. Wonder what we could do…

Source: momspark.net via Ariel on Pinterest