Dreaming of spring while the frostbite sets in

It looks as though the snow will be here for a while this year so until then I will have to ponder these photos from last spring to keep my mind occupied.


I can’t remember what green looks like at this point.


And last but not least,


Summer is over



At least that is what my drought-riddled flower bed here is telling me. I know I didn’t go up to the schoolhouse as much as I had hoped this year so I guess that meant my gardens didn’t get the love and attention they needed. The dry summer took its toll and while they all soldiered on as best they could now I fear all is lost.

Well I guess I might as well plant the bulbs for the spring now.

A step-by-step guide for newbie planters: An infographic

Not everyone got to grow up with gurus or see farms on a daily basis like me.

And hey, I talk a good game, but my gardening still leaves something to be desired.

For those newbies out there I came across this infographic that may help with your planting next year. I’m hoping it will help me with my indoor plants. I’ve never been all that great with transplanting, breaking up or seeding indoors from a cutting. Let’s hope this helps us all.

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