High on High Park

That’s High ON High Park, not in High Park.

Not that I judge. I’m just saying that anyone in Toronto that needs to get a whiff of some (clean) spring air and some grass knows to go to High Park. Take that as you will.

When we are in the city, this is where I go to run or walk or generally chill. You see a good cross-section of Torontonians here doing all sorts. I’ve seen cyclists, jogging groups, stoner kids hanging out and those armies of moms with strollers who refuse to walk anything less that five astride. I even saw a wedding last summer.

High Park

High Park has a zoo (until this year’s city budget kills it), a giant playground (which recently burned down), great trails (which need patching)…well despite all its issues, I still love to visit.

At this time of year everyone goes to the park to see the cherry blossoms. Well not generally at this time of year but when the weather is this nice, that is.

High Park cherry blossoms

Tourists flock here and lame joggers like me stop and attempt to take macro photos on their phones on windy days when they are out of breath. And then their batteries die. Which is why I have two lovely photos here from photographers who planned ahead and thought about what they were doing.

High Park Sakura Project.

Now a lot of people go for the cherry blossoms but I go for Grenadier Pond and the swans.

There are a few theories about why it is called Grenadier Pond but whatever the reason it is always this nice, calming place where you can walk, run or sit by to collect yourself after a long day.

whenever I head over on a run I start thinking about things like what plants to plant, how much work will I get done on the yard at the schoolhouse and all those things I don’t have time to think about during the day. My happy place? I guess so. In the city at least.

Jesus, what is with all this happy deep thought crap? It’s like Oprah is in town or some shit. Oh wait…