Throw these my way!

Ok now that the condo is painted. I need some throw pillows!

I’ve been scouting for the right colours and have a few potentials. Not sure which way I want to go though. Here are a few options from Etsy. This pillow is totally Toronto but also gives me the travel bug!


This pillow is great but I am not sure if the colour is quite right.

blue patterned

Or perhaps something a littler nerdier?
death star


Painting the town

I am off to the schoolhouse and whilst I am away the living room and dining room are getting a fresh coat of paint.

A pleasant surprise will await me while I work at gardening and cleaning for the next few days at the schoolhouse. We’ve got a few irons in the fire for the next few weeks so hopefully we will be able to tick a few things off the old list.

I will be happy to see that flat eggshell I have been scuffing and swearing at since we moved in. The previous owners painted it flat and then their children promptly began marking it up. Though we have done our share.

So long eggshell!

A Former Schoolhouse Is Converted Into A Rad Modern House by Beauty and Hairstyle

Very cool and modern take on a schoolhouse. Take a look!

Interior Design

Details: Photographer: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer Source: Dom & Wnetrze

By: Julia Millay Walsh

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Eggs: An infographic

I’ve never understood the appeal of colouring eggs at Easter.

Eggs are good scrambled after too many beers the night before and, in chocolate form, at any time. But people seem to like it so I thought I would share this infographic I found that at least makes it sound a bit more interesting than I remember it.

Elegant Easter Eggs

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

A novel approach to holiday decorating

My neighbour in the condo appears to have gotten creative.
They have posted this on their front door for the holidays. A neat idea but hard to store I suspect. I tried to read the pages to see if it was a ChrIstmas book but surmised it was likely the book on the shelf that was already falling apart.

Spring means renewal

Ok spring is officially here so it is time to take action.


After a winter of thinking and planning but not actually doing much (well we painted a bathroom and fixed a counter here at the condo) it is time to think like spring and get into renewal mode. Time to get my head out of catalogues and magazines and do some decorating, repairing, gardening or something at least.

I think I will try to do one new thing each week. Let’s see how this goes. Any suggestions?

Shades of the old country — Pantone 2013 colour of the year

The folks at Pantone have announced their 2013 colour and for me it is a classic that harkens back to the old country. Well ancestral country anyway.

Source: via Toni McCarthy on Pinterest ********************************************************** *******************************************************************************************************************************

It’s Emerald green this year. Perhaps some shades from Ireland will bring a little vibrant colour into our home.

I’ve toyed with the idea of green in our palettes. We’ve painted the upstairs bathroom in the condo an olive-green and I’ve started painting the patio furniture a lime-green. I do like this emerald though I don’t think it will work in the condo. Perhaps the schoolhouse would relish some green to match our emerald-green roof. Something to think about.

Some fresh decorating ideas – an infographic

Here’s a little infographic that might inspire and incite some change.

Nothing too fancy here but also nothing that any of us could try on say a long weekend? Happy Family Day weekend everyone!