A Former Schoolhouse Is Converted Into A Rad Modern House by Beauty and Hairstyle

Very cool and modern take on a schoolhouse. Take a look!

Interior Design

Details: Photographer: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer Source: Dom & Wnetrze

By: Julia Millay Walsh

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What is eye-catching? An infographic

Here is an interesting infographic.

While it covers the people part of attraction I think it also captures some interesting information about colour and design. Enjoy!

What Do We Consider Eye-Catching?: The Psychology of Attraction

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Interior design plan of action: an infographic

It’s almost February and I need some inspiration.

The bland and boring days of winter are making me look around and think it is time to really focus on getting some decorating done.  I found this brightly coloured infographic the other day to help inspire me to work on some ideas. What do you think?

Yellow bathroom yes or no?

I’ve been thinking about painting the schoolhouse bathroom yellow.

This would a quick and easy solution to its current bachelor board look and may brighten up the one room that has no windows.

I thought it might be cheery but all of the selections on Pinterest are paired with grey. I think that is weird. What does everyone else think?

Source: re-nest.com via Ariel on Pinterest

Source: dotavideo.com via Ariel on Pinterest

Or I could just do this for fun?