All’s well at well’s end

Well, well effing well.

So the late summer and early fall has been a price part of the year. We’ve done some plumbing work to say the least. Those poor fellows who made their way under the schoolhouse and into our root cellar last summer to fix a leaky valve made their way back three times to complete repairs on our well.

This is what my old foot valve looks like. It was at the end of some very long water lines. I can now believe my well is more than 100 feet deep and I know my yard can hold 100 feet of water line because they have pulled it up and replaced it as well.

Oh and did I mention the new pump we also have? Let’s just say that now that the new equipment is in, this will be the most pristine water in the township. Which is good as I may have to start selling it in bottles to cover the repairs! Just kidding township. I am sure there are rules against that.

Now the well is all shocked and ready for action. They tell me it these repairs will last for some time. I suspect the schoolhouse is just the place to test this theory.