Annual report

Well so far so good is the status update on my annuals at the schoolhouse.

Schoolhouse 2014
The boxes of geraniums and bacopa seem to not only manage sporadic watering but thrive as a result. The petunias are a little less well off but not so bad as it could be. Not that it is an annual but it appears the nearby hosta has gone nuts in its new locale.
This basket seems to be doing very well. I guess I made the right choices this year.

Spring is fighting back I think

It’s been a long, cold winter and most of us are sick of it.

For awhile there was no way in.

For awhile there was no way in.

I won’t complain though. As a work-from-home kind of gal I don’t have to face it as much as others.

We’ve not been able to get to the schoolhouse as much as we would like but when we did get up there wasn’t much to do but shovel.

Once you got in, there was no way out!

Once you got in, there was no way out!

However I am beginning to think there is light at the end of this snowy tunnel. The sun is starting to show itself a little more and I think we  may be over the worst.

Galway-Cavendish and Harvey-20140222-00571

I think our plants are trying to tell us something. My ivy geranium that was the sole survivor of our balcony planters last fall has made it through the winter and is now showing off its petals once again.

I take this as a sign

I take this as a sign

We also totally forgot about Pat’s Amaryllis last year so it’s been dormant and in the dark for some time. This is only about 10 days growth out of darkness. It may not be Christmas but I’ll go with a resurrection theme and say it will be ready for Easter.

Hey it's not Christmas but I don't care!

Hey it’s not Christmas but I don’t care!

There is also some catnip we rescued from our feline roommates last year. It looked pretty sad last fall but in our greenhouse of a spare room it has come back with a green vengeance. I am beginning to think we might make it out of this winter.