Keeping the cold out

So are we all ready for this?

Buckhorn backyard winter 2013

Buckhorn backyard winter 2013

I know I am not. We are headed up this weekend to do a bit more winterizing. Hopefully we can keep the outside where it belongs and the house in good shape in case this happens again.

I found this list of helpful tips which may be of use.

How to protect your cottage during the winter months

Well truthfully we don’t drain the lines like some folk do as we come up throughout the winter. And we keep a bit of heat on so that’s my main concern. But we keep a clear path to the door and to the propane tank and as long as we can get in and check in regularly all should be well.

My little urban achievers — May update

Well we are a month in and so far so good.

My little condo balcony herb and vegetable garden sprouts are working their way out of their cozy little dirt beds and up into the sweltering heat of an already roasting growing season. It’s gonna be a hot one so I hope no one gets burned out too soon. They say it is better to burn out than fade away but I would rather just eat a salad.

The catnip, mint, oregano and rosemary are not from seed. They were well established when I put them out. The catnip is a really trooper. Despite getting plucked more than once daily, it just keeps trucking. The cats however are now pretty chronic now and every now and again I come home to stoned cats and Cypress Hill on the iPod.

The peas are just growing like my grade five science project. I am hoping to see more flowers shortly. While I won’t be graded on these ones I will be eating them and I am a much harder grader than my grade five teacher.

You may have noticed I am not finished my little chair painting project. I ran out of paint and time so I plan to finish in the next couple of weeks. Two chairs done and two more and a table to go.

Bless these carrots. They get bashed around in the breeze but they are growing very well. I am sure, just like my goldfish Leroy (#RIP Leroy), they will only grow to the size of their container, I am expecting great things.

The tomatoes are behind due to our little spring starter mishap but they are coming along nicely. I expect great things. I also expect other people to eat them as I only like tomatoes in ketchup, salsa or other forms of sauce.

Now the lettuce is growing but the heat of our west-facing balcony might be a bit much for it. I may re-evaluate and place it indoors somewhere or bring it in for parts of the day. “Lettuce” wait and see shall we?

The herb collection is going squirrely already. I’ve got too much “thyme” on my hands now. But thankfully this week’s Freshly Pressed contribution showed me how to make thyme lemonade so that may be the solution.

That’s the May update for my little Urban Achievers. We will be back in June.