It was so easy going green

Our four-year old patio furniture from Ikea has had it.

We have a little set we use on our balcony at the condo. That brown acacia stuff that we have just doesn’t weather very well. With each passing year it gets more and more decrepid looking. For awhile I kidded myself and thought it was just maturing and would turn a lovely darkened colour. It went gray and scaly. So I decided it can’t get any worse and tried my hand at painting it.

And yes for all my safey friends out there, I did wear all the appropriate personal protective equipment, except for a mask. I didn’t even make a mess except a small patch of grass I will cut next week anyway. At least the paint went downwind.

I think it went well. This test chair worked out to be very simple and I hope to get the rest done next weekend. This might inspire me to do more for the schoolhouse. I’d love to get some nice old Kawartha chairs (yes we call them Kawartha chairs ’cause we ain’t in Muskoka!) and do them up nicely. Wait and see!

Just pick a couch already!

Remember when you had your first apartment and this infographic was true?

How much does it cost to furnish your first apartment
From: Osgoode Properties

I actually think I didn’t spend any money on my first apartment. Unless some ice-cube trays from Honest Ed’s count. Well that’s not strictly true. I guess I hit Bloor Street for the ubiquitous futon required of all university students. The rest of our stuff was collected from friends and relatives and most of the decorating came in the form of Klimt posters and beer coasters.

Ah but that was 1994 and three of us were content in a little basement apartment in Little Italy listening to Ace of Base and Tragically Hip (for the record I was listening to the latter, not the former.) in our scrunchies and overalls.

Now Pat and I are on the hunt for new furniture and it costs a bit more. It’s the price for trying to leave Ikea behind and buy grownup couches and shelves and the other stuff that the hip people in magazines have and you want.

Our TV is too nice to trust an old wood plank and some bricks we stole from “the quad”. DVDs just don’t fit in milk crates like albums did. I want furniture that an Amish guy had to hand build, not stuff I can still not put together correctly no matter how many Allen keys I have.

Well after a year and a half of complaining we’ve started looking and are close. Another year or so and we should be able to pick a couch that pleases my design sensibilities (does it look cool?), Pat’s artistic vision (is it comfortable enough to play Halo on?) and isn’t totally wrecked inside a week by three cats (they will wreck it anyway).

Can it be done? Is there a magical store in Toronto where I can walk in and see my entire condo before me, totally furnished and within a reasonable budget? Sigh. Honest Ed’s here I come.