“Olive” the new colour in the bathroom

After many years with a great distaste for olives I have done two odd things this year.


First I started eating olives. I guess I got over that part. And second, we’ve just painted the upstairs bathroom an olive sort of green. Who would have guessed?

Now you might say, “Ariel, olives come in many colours.” And then possibly mutter, “Dumbass” when you think I am not listening. obviously that is true and it’s fairly evident given the picture above. Now who is the dumbass?

We looked around and both actually agreed on Olivine by Behr.
Behr, Olivine, 420F 5 – color-swatches.com.

That’s a sort of olive-green with a bit of sage thrown in I guess. It looks good I think. It isn’t as olive as the name suggests and it looks nice with our brown tile and black-brown cabinets. Watch for impending, non-olive related photos to support my case.

It was so easy going green

Our four-year old patio furniture from Ikea has had it.

We have a little set we use on our balcony at the condo. That brown acacia stuff that we have just doesn’t weather very well. With each passing year it gets more and more decrepid looking. For awhile I kidded myself and thought it was just maturing and would turn a lovely darkened colour. It went gray and scaly. So I decided it can’t get any worse and tried my hand at painting it.

And yes for all my safey friends out there, I did wear all the appropriate personal protective equipment, except for a mask. I didn’t even make a mess except a small patch of grass I will cut next week anyway. At least the paint went downwind.

I think it went well. This test chair worked out to be very simple and I hope to get the rest done next weekend. This might inspire me to do more for the schoolhouse. I’d love to get some nice old Kawartha chairs (yes we call them Kawartha chairs ’cause we ain’t in Muskoka!) and do them up nicely. Wait and see!

Feeling blue? Maybe.

We are still working on condo paint colours.

Around St. Paddy’s day I started thinking about green. It would be great but now our kitchen is blue and I think maybe we should go with blue throughout?

So I’ve been looking up samples. There are light blues that work well and can still be paired with reds or greens. But a deep blue has impact. What does everyone think? I need ideas! Please comment and throw your ideas around. Especially if you have seen our kitchen blue.

Source: vtwonen.nl via Ariel on Pinterest

Source: ehomee.com via Ariel on Pinterest

Bain taithneamh as an deireadh seachtaine

OK so I had to look it up but that’s gaelic for “enjoy the weekend”.

Given that Paddy’s day is Saturday this year, I suspect many people will enjoy it. So in honour of St. Patrick’s day, and in keeping with the theme of the blog, I started looking up green decor. I’d love a green living room but methinks the English/French guy who lives here might have something else in mind.

We know from one of my previous posts, Infographictastic!, that green inspires health and tranquility. Now who couldn’t use a little of that?

In our condo a nice cool green would look nice with our floors. And since we are going couch shopping this weekend, I’ll keep green in mind.

I have found some neat ideas that might work if I can convince him. We waffle between bold and bland colours.

Source: coastalliving.com via Ariel on Pinterest

Source: apartmenttherapy.com via Ariel on Pinterest

Source: frenchbydesign.blogspot.com via Ariel on Pinterest

Each of these rooms has its own unique charms. The colours are rich and bold and each of them also uses a white or cream to offset the deep green. I especially like the use of green as an accent in the last photo and that map is awesome. Though I suspect my map would have to somehow centre on Buckhorn and Belfast!

Home renovation information in one tidy package

Well I must be getting exceptionally lazy. I think of a good topic and then find a handy infographic that solves all my writing blocks in one fell chunk of code.

This piece on home improvement trends for 2011 is still pretty relevant. Bits and pieces about renovating your home for resale, green living, use of colour and increasing the efficiency of space and your renovation dollar.

That is probably a good think to consider since any renovations we do will be on the cheap. A bit os spackle and paint here and some new curtains there. Oh and don’t forget the flowers. They will cover a lot of ground if you will pardon the pun.Home Improvement Trends 2011
Source: eLocal.com


Alright. From now on I want all my info in graphic form. That sound you just heard was all my graphic designer friends swearing under their collective breath.

I found this cool infographic today about colour. It covers a lot of ground and will be helpful when thinking about the use of colour in decorating and while I am at work.

I think we have to re-paint the kitchen now. Damn.

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Courtesy of NowSourcing, Inc

Cats and kitchens

So our painting job this past weekend ended with only one person in the emergency room.

Friday night we spent a bit of time preparing our lists in order so we could head out early in the morning to get our supplies. We hit the hay to get a good night’s sleep but then as darkness fell I was ambushed by our unholy army of the night. In other words I rolled over onto a cat who didn’t care for the situation and he bit me.

No big deal. That’s what bandages and tea tree oil are for. So we headed out and got everything we needed.

Apparently a lot of thought goes into those rollers and brushes.

Pat started by sanding the rough and bumps of a thousand previous poorly completed paint jobs. We saw some vivid and interesting choices including a surprising lime green. He taped and papered to what could only be described as the level of a madman. But then again that is the difference between by “git ‘r done” method and his “we don’t have paint all over the floor and cupboards” method.

We had also decided to paint the stucco ceiling. I thought it looked serviceable enough but up close it showed the stains of years of oily cooking and smoking owners. Sort of like teeth that needed some of those fancy bleaching strips.

Saturday was all about the ceiling. The paint went only like a dream and made a world of difference. It also really showed off the red colour my finger had begun to turn.

We are down to the final bits and bobs. Only several more rooms and another house to paint.

On Sunday Pat finished up the taping, did a little more sanding and then convinced me my finger had begun to look like the beginning of a superhero film where the protagonist gets bitten by some sort of radioactive best. But with more pus. So I headed out to get that seen to.

What a delight to find, after two rounds of IV antibiotics and lots of ooze that not only is my infected cat bite on the mend but Pat had finished the kitchen. Well except for the bit around the refrigerator because I couldn’t exactly help move that now could I?

Well this isn't how I thought the weekend would be spent.

There was a tiny bit of bleeding (not me this time!) from the wall colour to the ceiling that needed to be touched up. I’ve used an edger on the walls that meet a stucco ceiling and that worked quite well but Pat wanted to go freehand. Since Pat had to putty over the massive sink holes left by too-large for the job screws from our shelving, that also required lots more sanding and coats of paint. All in all, a good start to our DIY efforts, probably due to my lack of involvement.

So lessons learned from our first attempt at a condo improvement

  • be prepared with a full list of what you will need
  • think about the job and note all of the work you will need to do
  • shop around until you find the colour, paint and supplies you need
  • be willing to get down and dirty to get every nook and cranny done
  • never anger a sleeping cat.

I’m not allowed to take final photos until the last little finishing touches are complete. We still need to deal with the terrible wood counter and build a nice shelf for our cookbooks and other kitchen goodies. Plus the added colour really makes the white cupboards pop but it also shows off all the coffee spills and other messes so vividly now I’ll have to do a massive clean. Why does work always make more work?

Kitchen colour finally!

We’ve finally decided on a colour for the kitchen in our condo.

While that may not sound like much, this is a major breakthrough. We move at the speed of molasses in February and in Canada that ain’t fast at all.

It is called Easton blue. I think it will work well with our white cabinetry, stainless backsplash and beech accents.

 What do you think?

I see a plain floor and I want to paint it black.

Of course my basic level of photoshop isn't going to do it justice. Just use your imagination!

All this talk of black doors is starting to get to me.

I shouldn’t write late at night with classic rock playing in the background. Though that sounds less like the Rolling Stones and more like Sylvia Plath writing mis-numbered Haiku.

We’ve been debating black floors in the vestibule. Pat can stain them and I’ve been doing some research. Found this collection and I think it works.

Painted black floors

We have to get the raw wood, stain it and install. Then repaint the wainscoting white and maybe red for the walls. It is a small space but it is very tall.

Found this on Apartment Therapy. Love the gloss but that may not work for us.

Inspiration:High Gloss Black Floors

The black floors will work with our overall plan which is to include white or cream wainscoting and red walls. I think it sounds more extreme than it will actually appear.

I think it will work. And if it sucks, well it is only the vestibule.

One colour to bind us

So when we did the poll our friend Watro (nickname used to protect the guy who has more incriminating photos of me than anyone) sent me this link.

Old house colors

I’ve also found this Toronto-based company that offers a variety of historical colours.

Homestead House

I am digging the Bayberry, Acadia Pear, Soldier Blue and the Liberty Blue. At our house my grandfather painted everything what we called Chinese Red. Everything. So not red is really my choice.

From Homestead House Paint Co. Toronto Ontario

Very interesting stuff. I sort of wish our red brick schoolhouse wasn’t actually red brick. Well not really but it is nice to know. We may employ some of these on the interior of the house.

Right now, with the exception of the bathroom and two bedrooms the schoolhouse is one big room. The ceilings are about 17 feet high so there is a lot to paint. It’s always been an off white and I’ve wondered if the space can take a rich, dark colour. Because whatever we pick we are bound to it as it will be everywhere.

Is it just me or do some of these colours appear to reflect some of the more modern trends? I guess everything old is new again.